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So you want to lose weight...

So you want to lose weight.

And every one of the answers to that is a fight. Waging war against yourself. Making what you love the most — yourself — do what it wants least. Sacrificing moments of joy. Beating yourself down when you don’t follow the rules. Ignoring inner desires, whispers that you deserve to be happy, and screams of why are you doing this to me ! ?

What if losing weight, and being a little healthier, having more energy, feeling more beautiful, sleeping better, feeling happier, relaxing easier and having less stress, moving painlessly, all happened while getting along better with your body and yourself, connecting more with loves and desires and coming together in negotiation instead of fighting.

So my argument: Your body is on your side. There is nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t want to fight, you don’t want to fight, so lets stop fighting. Find the goal, and let your heart, mind AND body in on the secret: That you are doing this for yourself. For your deepest desires. That way, you can all work together.

Be good to yourself. Love yourself more when you are trying to change so much.

Time to say good-bye to your beautiful, extraordinary body the way it is, getting you through all the many moments, and emotions, and memories, the hugs, and the laughs over pies, and with a kiss and a tear that can roll all the way down your face, it is time for a new experience, a big change and a new version of that magnificent body of yours.

Love yourself that much. You deserve it.

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