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Integrative Wellness Coaching

The Integrative Wellness Coaching Programs include a free month -- for right now — that means you will receive three coaching calls without charge.  At the beginning of the third call, I will ask you if you will like to continue, and you will pay for the program you choose, or, that will be our last call.  Please take advantage to see what this feels like for you right now, or for a future date, but you’ll know after the coaching sessions, and will continue to have free information available to you until you are ready to step closer to what you are hoping for.  I have spent years learning from free content before I was ready to jump, and that is ok!  I do wish I jumped faster, so I will encourage you, but you must do what is best for you!

I would love to get to know you, and be with you while we make an incredible change happen.  I hope you consider taking on the free month.




This is a 7 month program where we talk twice a month about your own wellness, your personal goals and wishes, and we make them happen.  


This is NOT a quick fix for losing a few extra pounds before an event — although often an added bonus!— but a decision to give yourself what you need to thrive more than you are today, to experience what that feels like, know what that requires, and give yourself the chance to make that change and let that wish come true.  This is an experience that will change your life as you know it now.  I LOVE this program and the bigger hearts, kinder minds, and healthier bodies it finds.


Both programs are by phone — you can take your walk while we are talking, or lie in bed, on a work trip or vacation — and include free workshops (beginning meditation once a month, a walking conversation, question and answer call, for example..)

And a newsletter with recipes and simple tricks.

Coaching PLUS

The Coaching Plus includes an additional call each month for a healing session or learning a wellness technique — Reiki, Akashic Records, Yoga, Essential Oils, EFT, Visualizations, Meditation, Sound Bowl Healing, Cooking, Juicing—AND includes free participation to online classes I have while you are in the program. (You can choose to have the same healing /learning each time, or try different ones.)


The Coaching Plus is perfect for people who either find themselves in a situation where change has found them — a health concern, grieving from a loss, for example — OR for people who have made the decision to change now.  In this program we will use everything I know, and know how to find out, to make the change you need and wish, together.

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