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Embrace Life’s Challenges

Once upon a time we heard, learned, maybe felt, unconditional love and forgiveness.  If that does not feel close to your heart anymore, this is where you find it.  I use the Pathway Prayer in a meditation to take us to the heart of your souls journey to understand the beauty and awe of who you are, have been, can and will be, and understand with oodles of unconditional love and forgiveness that the world is on your side, powerfully cheering you on in your hopes and needs.


In the Akashic Records there are three absolutes:  Judge not.  Resist not.  Fear not. 

They can reveal the essence, purpose, expression, potential of your soul, with every intention to dignify and uplift you.  


A drop into water leaves a ripple.  A foot in the sand leaves a footprint.  

The Akashic meditative prayer is a way for me to feel, hear or see that ripple, and read that footprint for your soul.


We have access to the Akashic Records directly through a sacred prayer.  The prayer I have fallen in love with is the Pathway Prayer Process, reaching the heart of your Akashic Records, and a deeper understanding of your soul.  You will hear me say most of the prayer aloud before we begin your reading.



Get the Most out of Life

“Reiki is the Universal Energy, the source of all existence, the hado of love and pure light.  It is the life energy inside the human body that gives us natural healing ability, and the power to live with vigor.  Universal energy exists in everything.”  - Hiroshi Doi


The opportunity to learn and work with Reiki was a surprise for me.  But so powerful, especially in ways that have just felt stuck or hard to change, a little out of reach or without explanation.  It is amazing for pain and healing.  For me, Reiki has moved mountains physically, emotionally and spiritually.  And the more I use it, the stronger it gets.  


It is impossible to hurt or harm using Reiki.  The loving energy will always be used for the highest good of the person, as well as the people connected to that person.  


I use Distance Reiki, meaning that Reiki energy is sent to you.  You are welcome to try it and see how you feel, and I highly recommend four sessions for the healing to be exponential.  I also work in person at certain times during the year, in NYC, Cape Cod and Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles, and others at request.

Fresh Vegetable in Basket


Guidance & Inspiration

We have a one on one coaching session every two weeks for six months, to cater wellness changes specifically to your needs in nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep, pain, energy, spirituality, love, beauty, creativity, relationship, fear, and reach the hopes and desires you are looking for.

Sat on the Rocks


I had to find answers to my own health, spiritual, human and world questions beginning as a teenager with basic health and wellness concerns that didn’t find cures in traditional ways.  I found my way into holistic healing through nutrition and energy practices that gave me incredible feeling and lasting results.  It led me to learn more, share and teach more.

I am now a Reiki Master, a Holistic Health Coach, Advanced Akashic Records Reader and Certified in Essential Oils. They are the practices I have felt and witnessed the most powerful positive changes.  I am familiar and trained in a host of others, some of which are extraordinary to teach you to practice yourself, as is Meditation, Yoga, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as examples.  


You are welcome to have a mini-session with me at no charge to try it out or talk it out, to see how it works and how you feel.  I have the single desire to do this work because it changed my life for the better with dramatic healthy change, and intend that for you.

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"there was never a dark night that could defeat sunrise."


Thank you for an amazing reading! It was so encouraging to hear your enthusiasm when working in the Records together. The reading provided so much relief and encouragement. It was great fun working with you! Thank you!

Patient, Enthusiastic, Listened carefully, Friendly, Responsive, Confident, Professional, 
Wonderful personality!  I loved every minute.  Yes, I would refer you to a friend!

Thank you for your motivation and kind words.  You are truly a blessing.

It was truly a pleasure to talk with you today. I love our conversation! I have a different perspective on certain things that are bothering me. Thank you for sharing your gift and for your up lifting word.

I look forward to talking to you in two weeks. Have a wonderful remainder of the week! 

God bless you always!

Wandering Traveler


Want to hear more about how we can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

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One to one 

Break-through session

45 minutes

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